AOA’s Choa Reveals She Failed SM Entertainment’s Audition 15 Times

AOA member Choa revealed on the latest episode of late-night talk show “Radio Star” that she has failed the SM Entertainment trainee audition 15 times.

She was a featured guest on the May 20 broadcast of “Radio Star,” along with Kang Su Ji, Lim Soo Hyang, and Kim Sae Rom.

On the show, the idol star revealed, “I tried out for the SM auditions when Girls’ Generation members were trainees, because I was so envious,” adding, “I tried 15 times but never made it. I also tried out for JYP auditions, but didn’t make the cut at the final round.”

She further commented, “Before my debut, my family was really against it, so I went to auditions by myself. I was also working part-time as a salesperson for IPTVs. I came number one in the sales team for that month, so I made 5 million won (approximately $5000 USD).”

 When the impressed MC’s asked her what her trick was, she answered, “You have to have a sense of humor, and also be sensible.” However, she also added, “But making a lot of money didn’t equate to happiness.”

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