Ticket Prices for Kim Soo Hyun’s Chinese Fan Meeting Reach 3.5 Million Won

Kim Soo Hyun has attained a massive following in China, as evidenced by the high price that fans paid to see the actor at a recent fan meeting.

According to various Chinese media outlets, scalpers sold tickets for Kim Soo Hyun’s fan meeting in China for as much as 3.5 million won, or roughly 3,200 USD, showing the actor’s great popularity there. The roughly 45 minute event took place on May 20 in Shenzhen and centered around the concept of China’s “Confession Day.” Kim Soo Hyun began the event by introducing himself in Chinese, saying, “Hello everyone, I am Kim Soo Hyun,” which drew cheers and applause from the crowd.

“I am currently playing the role of a clumsy rookie producer in the drama ‘Producer,’” he continued. “Being here in China and meeting you all after having completed roughly half of the filming has left me a little dazed.”

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun plays rookie producer Baek Seung Chan on the new KBS 2TV drama, “Producer.”

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