SISTAR’s Hyorin Wows the Crowd with Her Rap Skills at a University Festival

Although SISTAR‘s Hyorin has shown her rap skills before through her solo album and various performances, many still only know her as a powerful singer. So the audience at the Yeungnam University were surprised when Hyorin starting rapping to cover for Mad Clown who had briefly forgotten the lyrics while performing their duet song, “Without You.”

Mad Clown and Hyorin went to Yeungnam Unversity on May 20 to perform at the yearly spring festival it holds. While rapping his part in “Without You,” Mad Clown momentarily forgets the lyrics, prompting Hyorin to take over, generating loud cheers and screams from the crowd. Watch a fancam below at time mark 1:50. She does it again little later at 2:36.

It’s these little, spontaneous moments that makes us long these K-pop artists more, isn’t it?