B1A4's Sandeul Apologizes to Daughter of Huge Fan on

One young girl in Daegu, South Korea lives in a home that’s plastered with posters and photos of the popular group B1A4, but she’s not the one that put them up – it was her mother!

She recently joined her classmates as a contestant on the KBS quiz show “Golden Bell,” in which young students answer trivia questions by writing their responses on individual white boards. The kids also usually decorate their boards with messages to their friends or their favorite idols.

On the May 24 episode of the show, the band B1A4 asks one of the questions through a pre-recorded video.

b1a4 1

When the students hold up their white boards, the host comes over to a second year student named Yoon Eun Ji and asks her about the message on her board, which reads, “Sandeul, do you see me!!!”

b1a4 2

“To be honest,” she says, “I didn’t write it because I like Sandeul. I did it because my mom is a huge fan of his.”

The host then shows a photo she submitted of her mom’s huge collection of B1A4 albums and memorabilia.

b1a4 3

Viewers are also shown a glimpse of the inside of their home, where not only the walls but also the fridge is covered in posters of the group!

b1a4 4

Sandeul then apologizes to Eun Ji through a video message, although in the end it seems like he might just be adding fuel to the fire!

Of course, some of the girls from her school go absolutely wild when he says her name.

b1a4 5

“Eun Ji!” he says. “I’m sorry. You’re having a tough time because of me, right? Eun Ji’s mom, thank you for always loving me. I’ll keep working hard and appear on TV more, so please love me even more in the future! Thank you! I love you!”

b1a4 7

The host then presents Eun Ji with a special signed version of B1A4’s mini-album “Solo Day” signed by Sandeul for her mom.

b1a4 9

In the end, Eun Ji sends her own video message to Sandeul. “To be honest, you’re not my type, but my mom keeps trying to get me to marry you, so I used to get upset a lot. But now… it’s okay!”

b1a4 8

Check out the video below!

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