Shin Dong Yup Gets Apprehended after Groping Friend Sung Si Kyung at Concert

Singer Sung Si Kyung recently held a concert at Yonsei University, where, while singing in the crowd, he was approached by a certain teetering, middle-aged man with groping – and very purposeful – hands.

The man – Sung Si Kyung’s “Witch Hunt” co-host Shin Dong Yup – did eventually get his hands on the singer, right before a bodyguard – one of the many around Sung Si Kyung – got his hands on him, dragging him away – off screen, actually.

Sung Si Kyung cuts off singing and yells, “Ahjussi!” and starts laughing, seeing Shin Dong Yup get apprehended by his guards. They quickly let him go, however, once they realize who he is. 

Sung Si Kyung announces to the crowd, “The security guard was surprised.. Shin Dong Yup,” as the MC strolls off in the background, to the music of the crowd’s laughter.

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