BTOB Sungjae Then and Now: Adorable Sleep Habits Are Forever

With BTOB Yook Sungjae’s recent appearance on the May 27 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” past photos of the singer as a child have resurfaced, eliciting a slew of “awws” from fans for a second time.

The photos – undeniable proof that sleep habits just do not change – were posted on Yook Sungjae’s Twitter in 2013. “How can I not have changed at all with age? Innocent. I’m so innocent,” said the singer. “Show me some love.” 

The recent episode of “Radio Star” also featured f(x) Luna, composer Kim Hyung Seok, and Kim Seong Joo.

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Bonus: Yook Sungjae does some adorable animal impressions on “Radio Star”