SHINee Key and Taemin Become High School Girls in Hilarious Film Parody on “SNL Korea”

The recent episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea” aired on May 30, and featured as guests the members of SHINee.

Members Key and – briefly – Taemin tap into their inner high school girls for a hilarious parody, called “Eun Gyu,” of the 2012 film “Eun Gyo,” in which a high school girl becomes the object of desire of a 70-year-old poet and his pupil. 

Naturally, the 70-year-old poet is played by Shin Dong Yup in the skit, utterly captivated by Key’s feminine wiles.

snl korea key shinee

When Key offers Shin Dong Yup a handkerchief to wipe his sweat, he makes an excuse, “It’s because I don’t have any energy, but could you wipe my sweat for me?”

He later says, “I don’t why, but my chest and armpit area keeps sweating, too. Could you clean that part for me too?”

Shin Dong Yup tries to move it lower, saying he has a sweaty groin…

snl korea shinee key eun gyu

Key later asks Shin Dong Yup to read him a poem. When Key hears the poem, he’s overtaken with awe, and gives Shin Dong Yup a hug from behind, saying, “You’re such a romantic!” But then Shin Dong Yup gets suspicious… “Do you have something in your pocket?!”

Watch the skit below:

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