Lee Kwang Soo Can’t Handle Uee’s Playful Comments on “Running Man”

After School‘s Uee makes Lee Kwang Soo‘s heart race and cheeks turn pink with her playful remarks on this week’s “Running Man.”

The May 31 broadcast of “Running Man” features Kim Joon Hyun and After School’s Uee as guests for the Black Bean Sauce mission.

Upon receiving the mission card, Uee asks, “Do I have to choose someone to go with me?” She goes on to point at Lee Kwang Soo and say, “Oppa, you have gotten more handsome,” causing Lee Kwang Soo to get completely flustered.

Next, when it is time to choose their noodles, Lee Kwang Soo looks at the selection and casually asks Uee, “Uee, which type do you prefer?”

Smiling, Uee playfully responds, “Oppa, you are my type,” making Lee Kwang Soo all excited once again.

As they sit in the car together headed to the next mission location, Lee Kwang Soo says, “I’m only going to get more handsome. I will become more cool and handsome for you.” Hearing this, Uee bluntly comments, “It’s alright. You don’t have to,” which causes both of them to burst into laughter.

lee kwang soo uee

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