Lee Kwang Soo and Nana Talk Preconceptions, Favorite Body Parts, and More

KBSEntertainment Weekly” visited the set of Lee Kwang Soo and Nana’s recent photo shoot, where they talked – in a short time – about everything from preconceptions people have about them to how they’ve changed as a result of their entertainment activities.

Lee Kwang Soo says they are shooting a waterpark photo shoot, at which the reporter says, “The ones that only people with hot bodies shoot?” Lee Kwang Soo stutters a bit and is unable to reply, but the reporter quickly shouts, “Congratulations!” giving the giraffe a respite from the answer.

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On the subject of hot bodies, Lee Kwang Soo and Nana are asked to name the body part they are most confident in. Nana also hesitates a bit, saying that she’s afraid that people would hate her for her answer, but then she says, “My angular jawline?” Lee Kwang Soo gives a totally characteristic answer: “I, honestly, [love myself] down to every last strand of hair…”

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Lee Kwang Soo goes on to talk about some fans who ask him to spit on them – after a moment on “Running Man” when he feigned spitting on Haha after Haha said he was ugly – expecting him to be the exact same person. “I joke around a lot on TV, but if I were the same way during everyday life, I’d be a weirdo,” and continues, “When people ask me to [spit on them], it puts me in an strange position.”

And it seems their entertainment activities have had an effect on both of their personalities. Nana used to be pretty reserved, she says, but after starting Orange Caramel, she naturally became brighter, laughed more, and – cautiously – she says cuter. She puts on a display of exactly how:

nana entertainment weekly

Lee Kwang Soo also shares how a moment “Running Man” has changed him. “There was an episode on ‘Running Man’ when my pants were pulled off. After that I changed, a bit. I became cuter, a bit more comfortable..”

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