Jo In Sung Gives Lee Kwang Soo a Swift Slap in the Face on

It was a bright moment on the latest June 14 episode of SBSRunning Man,” when Song Joong Ki – fresh from the military – and friends Jo In Sung and Im Joo Hwan stopped by the set to say hi.

Lee Kwang Soo explains how the visit came to be: “We were eating dinner yesterday and Song Joong Ki said he wanted to say hi to everyone now that he’s been discharged. Because of drama filming and other things, if it wasn’t today he wouldn’t have many opportunities to come by…”

But that’s when Yoo Jae Suk leans and whispers something into his ear. Lee Kwang Soo gets appalled, and says, “What do you mean, stop talking?”

lee kwang soo yoo jae suk running man

Yoo Jae Suk says, “We want to hear their voices, but you’re the one that keeps on talking.”

And then Lee Kwang Soo gets a slap on the face from Jo In Sung.

jo in sung lee kwang soo slap running man

Jo In Sung says, “What are you doing? Is this the kind of person you were?”

After all has been calmed down, Yoo Jae Suk asks them if they could make time for the show later on, but Jo In Sung immediately throws that out the window: “I don’t have room in my schedule.”

jo in sung running man

Song Joong Ki calls him out though, and exclaims, “You don’t have anything to do!”

Song Joong Ki says it again later, during his introduction. “Hello, everyone. Really, this is like my home. It’s really nice seeing all the staff members and directors again, but today, I’m just here to say hi. Next time, really, Jo In Sung isn’t busy. Feel free to kidnap him.”

Jo In Sung then takes his turn to say hi, and Haha sighs, “He’s not human..”

Yoo Jae Suk is determined to get Jo In Sung on the show, and says, “Even if Jo In Sung is busy, we can just go get him when we pick up Song Joong Ki.” Kim Jong Kook jumps in and offers to knock Jo In Sung out for a couple of seconds.

“I’ll call the police,” quips Jo In Sung in reply.

Watch the clip here:

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