“Abnormal Summit” Reveals Why Six Members Left the Show

The June 29 episode of JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit,” aired as one-year special, showed the departure of six of its members.

This episode marks the last appearance of the Russian representative Ilya Belyakov, Belgian representative Julian Quintart, Nepalese representative Sujan Shakya, French representative Robin Deiana, Japanese representative Terada Takuya, and Australian representative Blair Williams.

Earlier, the producers of “Abnormal Summit” stated that Julian, Robin, Sujan, Ilya, Blair, and Takuya will be replaced by new members. They said that “after listening to the stories of twelve countries for a year, our viewers wanted to listen to the stories of other countries as well. This fit in well with our motivation for creating this show, and we decided that we wanted to promote different countries as well, resulting in the change of the cast.”

On June 1, the show confirmed its six new cast members.

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