Untouchable’s Sleepy Reveals His Past as AOA Jimin’s Rap Teacher

On a recent episode of “Radio Star” that aired on July 1, Untouchables Sleepy revealed that he actually taught AOA’s Jimin how to rap for about eight months.

“I taught AOA’s Jimin, Chanmi, and Mina. Neither of us were popular back then. The AOA members still call me ‘teacher’ but they never come looking for me,” says Sleepy, laughing.

He continues, “When I appeared on ‘Radio Star’ last time, I was still teaching AOA. People were surprised, telling me, ‘You were on ‘Radio Star’ and you’re still teaching people in this kind of place?’ Then AOA got popular and people started asking me, ‘You taught AOA?'” and explains how the tables have turned.

sleepy 2

Meanwhile, other guest stars in this episode included, Yoon Park, Jeon So Min, and Jung Sang Hoon.

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