HOTSHOT Is Back With “I’m a HOTSHOT” Album and MV

HOTSHOT answer the question from their first mini album (title) “Am I HOTSHOT” with the repackage album (title) “‘I’m a HOTSHOT“!

Today, six-member boy group HOTSHOT dropped their repackaged first mini album, “I’m a HOTSHOT,” which contains seven tracks including a title track of the same name. “I’m a HOTSHOT” was composed by famous German composer Albi Albertsson, who worked on EXO‘s “Exodus,” and the lyrics were written by HOTSHOT members Jun Hyuk and Yoon San.

Regarding the new album, HOTSHOT commented: “We prepared this album with a new mindset and challenging spirit. We hope to show more of HOTSHOT’s talent and music.”

Watch the music video for “I’m a HOTSHOT” below.

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