Jun Ji Hyun Reveals She Enjoys Gun Scenes

Jun Ji Hyun, one of the stars of the movie “Assassination,” gave an account of transforming herself into the role of a credible assassin for the movie. In an interview on July 3, the actress stated that she eventually felt that the gun became a part of her.

The star said, “As I was playing the role of a professional assassin, the gun had to look natural with me. This was very difficult at the beginning of the filming. I trained [to learn to shoot the gun] and even brought model guns home, to feel more natural around them.”

She continued, “When I first brought the guns home, my husband taught me about the guns. I thought what he taught me was everything, but as I got more and more comfortable with the guns, it really felt like an extension of my body. Then I started laughing at the people who thought they knew something about the guns.”

She also said, “I enjoyed shooting, as it gave me such a thrill. I really enjoyed filming the shooting scenes.”

The movie “Assassination” takes part in Shanghai and Gyeongseong in 1933; it is a story about the assassination plots against the pro-Japanese personalities by the Korean independence army and the provisional government, and a hired killer chasing them. “Assassination” opens on July 22.

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