AOA’s Jimin Reveals Her Mother “Exiled” Her to China When She Was Young

AOA member Jimin made an appearance in the SBS variety show “Same Bed, Different Dreams” and revealed that she was “exiled” to China when she was a student. The July 4 episode of the show dealt with the topic of “The young who dream of stardom.”

In this episode, a high school student who dreams of becoming a singer makes an appearance, along with her father who adamantly opposes her dream, so much so that he has not come home for a month.

While listening to their story, Jimin is asked the question whether she has ever run away from home, to which she replies that while she never ran away from home, her mother has exiled her to China. She adds that she could not have survived the exile without music, and when asked if it’s because she did not get good grades, she quickly replies, “Yes,” resulting in a round of laughter.

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