Girls’ Generation Gush Over Lee Kwang Soo’s Charms and Manners on “Running Man”

The members of Girls’ Generation recently appeared as guests on the July 5 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Running Man.”

On this episode, members Sooyoung and YoonA fell for Lee Kwang Soo’s manners. They shared what they witnessed during dinner after the first round of missions: “[Kwang Soo] scooped a bit of food that [Song] Ji Hyo unni didn’t even order, and we thought he took some to eat for himself, but he placed it right in front of Ji Hyo unni.” Gary added, “Their eyes are hearts right now because of that.”

After hearing this, Kim Jong Kook stepped in and explained, “Kwang Soo does that knowingly. He did that for you guys to see!” making everyone laught at the unexpected twist.

In the midst of the conversation, however, Hyoyeon squealed and pointed at Kwang Soo, who had a bug on his shirt. At this, Kwang Soo jumped out of surprise and was unable to move out of fear of the bug. Gary then pointed this out to Sooyoung and YoonA, asking, “That’s not very manly, is it? Being scared of bugs,” expecting them to agree.

However, Sooyoung unexpectedly answered, “That’s cute,” leaving Gary at a loss for words. When Gary relayed what she said to Kwang Soo, he took it a step further and began to exaggerate his fear.

The cast members then requested Kwang Soo to perform his trademark ‘giraffe’ dance, which he gladly showcased in front of the members of Girls’ Generation, turning the set into a sea of laughter.

Watch the hilarious scene below!

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