Top K-Drama Moments From the First Week of July

Hello July! What has your first week brought us from K-Dramaland? How about gazes full of yearning, an intimate bromance, a minute-long kiss, wistful memories, and … Well, how about just checking out our latest batch of top K-Drama moments?

1. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: Love is sneaky

During another crisis with her broken heart, Won dashes to be with Ha Na, and he cheers her up the best way he knows how—with beer, of course!

In her hotel room, the two swig lots of brew, play games, get very loud, and trash the place in between some serious, heart-fluttering talks. The next morning, Won opens his eyes to find his best friend next to him, asleep on his arm. His mild surprise is quickly substituted with awe, as his eyes gently sweep over her lovely face. While he lightly brushes her hair back, his lips curl up in a smile. Won snaps out of the moment, though, when Ha Na begins to stir awake! Damn! Of course, if he would just man up to his feelings for her, then this could be an everyday thing for them … *Sigh*

2. “Warm and Cozy”: Just staying in

It was by no means an excellent show, but “Warm and Cozy” did leave viewers with an unforgettable send-off.

Wanting a proper date, Jung Joo dolls up for her man. What does she have in mind? How about seeing a movie, eating out, or just going for a drive? Nope, Gun Woo doesn’t want to do any of those. Jung Joo frets that their relationship might be lacking spark and maybe he’s too comfortable with just the way things are. On the contrary, he’s been uncomfortable around her the entire time. He’s been nervously waiting for her to show up, feeling very uncomfortable. Hearing this, Jung Joo perks up, thinking they’ll be going out. However, Gun Woo’s idea of a night with Jung Joo is much better! He pulls her on his lap and kisses her. He repeats that he doesn’t want to do anything, and Jung Joo agrees. When she tells him she loves him, they kiss some more, their arms pulling each other closer in an embrace. Who needs a night out, right?

3. “Mask”: The musical couple

Is it just us or has “Mask” been awesome in the last few weeks?

We love this scene because it exemplifies how sweet Min Woo has become to his wife and that Ji Sook just might be able to win the game at the end.

Nothing could have stopped us from smiling when Min Woo throws out all embarrassment and serenades his wife with a birthday song, getting all their guests to join in.

What has us really proud is when a suspicious Mi Yeon is unable to see Ji Sook fail when she’s asked to display Eun Ha’s piano skills. No one would expect a shopgirl with loan sharks on her tail to be a maestro, so when she confidently walks to the piano and plays a song beautifully, we’ve got to holler for her!

4. “I Remember You”: You know this how?

Lee Hyun catches Ji An, who knows the location of his childhood home, and he tells her to figure out why she’s aware of this. Backed up against a wall by Hyun and with nowhere to go, she scrambles for answers, but can only tell him she’s a fan. He’s puzzled over why a fan would know an address he told no one, and she responds that as a saesang fan, information like this is too easy to find out. He then realizes that a saesang fan is the equivalent of a stalker; before he can make a big deal of it, she admits to moving on from him, as she’s now a fan of EXO. LOL.

We imagine that Lee Joon Young (D.O) will be pleased to hear this, and the character will return for a fan meeting. While we wait for that to happen, we’ll continue digging the leads’ amazing chemistry!

5. “Oh My Ghost”: She remembers her family

tvN’s latest, “Oh My Ghost,” has finally premiered, and we couldn’t be happier!

The first two episodes featuring a ghost possessing an aspiring chef’s body are full of humor and heartwarming moments, but our favorite is a heartbreaking one.

Soon Ae is a fun, tough-talking ghost with memory loss. However, one thing she does remember is that she died a virgin, and she’s doing everything she can in the three-year window she has to finally experience sex!

Our top moment comes after she grudgingly does a good deed. She takes a drunk to the police station, and when his father comes to get him, it triggers her memory. She remembers they are her family. The drunken boy is her younger brother and the man is her grieving father. It’s hard to hold in our tears as we watch Soon Ae’s tears fall from Bong Sun’s eyes.

6. “My Love Eun Dong”: “Frozen Flower 2”


We could have used any of the hot bed scenes from the recent episodes of “My Love Eun Dong,” but it’s the bromance of this moment that spoke to us.

After busting him with another woman, Hyun Bal’s wife kicks him out of the house, and Eun Ho, who has helped him since their younger days, lets him stay at his home. Instead of taking one of the many empty rooms, though, Hyun Bal chooses to sleep in Eun Ho’s bed. Bwahaha. Maybe Hyun Bal’s feeling vulnerable and nostalgic about their old sleepovers, as he persists on snuggling up to Eun Ho. There will be no sequel to “Frozen Flower” here, as Eun Ho has to repeatedly push his friend away. When morning arrives, it seems Hyun Bal does get his way since Eun Ho wakes up with his friend all cuddled up to him. LOL.

7. “High Society”: I’ll do it for you

Chang Soo has brought Ji Yi to one of his vacation havens, and Joon Ki and Yoon Ha have also joined them. Our couples are all in for lots of flirty fun and lovey-dovey cuddles and kisses during their getaway. However, a fight between the boys immediately puts the kibosh on the happy times.

Chang Soo and Ji Yi have a silent ride back home, but our sweet chaebol heir won’t let her go upset, and so, they talk. Seeing how hurt Chang Soo was after the scuffle, Ji Yi expresses her concern. Her reaction touches Chang Soo, and he hugs her, assuring her that he won’t fight again. This couple is truly the one to watch in this series!

That’s all we have for this list, but which ones would you also include? Let us know, and thanks again for joining us!

See you again next week!

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