Girls’ Generation’s Stylist Impersonator Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Lee (age 26, female) has been sentenced to three years in prison after she defrauded 487 million won (around 431,000 USD) out of a total of 14 people.

According to reports, Lee worked briefly as an assistant in a stylist’s office. After she lost her job, she was unemployed for a long period of time and become burdened with debt. She then pretended to be the stylist of Girls’ Generation and SHINee to her friends and family.

One of her first instances of fraud was promising to put footage of a friend’s wedding in A Pink‘s music video and getting money out of that friend. She continued to defraud people by selling them high end goods she claimed were originally given to celebrities through sponsorship.

Starting from May of last year, she defrauded people out of tens of thousands of dollars by promising to help them get Girls’ Generation’s apartments in Jamsil and Seocho that the group got under sponsorship.

When people got suspicious, Lee set up a ghost company using her family’s name and created fake employees.

Starting from February of last year to April of this year, Lee defrauded 487 million won (around 431,ooo USD) out of a total of 14 people.

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