Lee Jun Ki Compares His Abs to TVXQ Changmin’s and Lee Soo Hyuk’s

Actor Lee Jun Ki compared his abs to those of TVXQ Changmin‘s and Lee Soo Hyuk‘s.

On the July 12 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the lead cast of “Scholar Who Walks the Night” gave an interview.

lee soo hyuk changmin

The interviewer starts off admiring Changmin and Lee Soo Hyuk’s abs before turning to Lee Jun Ki with the question, “Do you have washboard abs like Changmin and Lee Soo Hyuk do?” Lee Jun Ki is flustered at first but gathers himself and says, “Abs are for young actors in their 20s.”

Lee Jun Ki then adds, “They have abs like washing boards, but I had smooth abs like fabric softener,” flooding the whole studio with laughter.

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