Girl’s Day’s Yura Says Hong Jong Hyun Continues to Keep in Touch

Girl’s Day member Yura revealed her real height and weight on the July 13 episode of “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” when members Sojin and Yura appeared on the radio show.

Yura confessed, “The president of my agency lied about my height and my weight.” She continued, “I am shorter than what was written on my profile, and I am also heavier.” Although her profile says that she is 172 cm/49 kg, she said that “My actual height is about 170.2 cm, and to be 49 kg while being that tall is to be very skinny. I weigh more than that.”

Sojin Yura

DJ Kim Chang Ryul probed further, saying that she probably wouldn’t be able to reveal her actual measurements, then she said, “I’m not very muscular, so when I say my weight, people think that I am lying. I have no muscles, so although I weigh in the 50s, my body looks different.”

She finally confessed, “If I sleep without eating, I weigh about 52 kg. If I eat a lot and weigh myself in the evening, I weigh about 53 kg, and if I really binge on food, then it’s about 54 kg.”

On this episode, she also said that she keeps in touch with her “We Got Married” partner Hong Jong Hyun. She said that he invited her to his movie premiere, and that he came to visit her at her comeback stage with a cake.

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