Girls’ Generation Members Talk About Wearing Swimsuits for First Time in Music Video

YoonA, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun, members of the girl group Girls’ Generation, were featured on the July 13 episode of “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” and talked about preparing for their comeback.

DJ Ryeowook started by saying, “You all looked so pretty wearing swimsuits in your music video, but I can imagine that there must have been a lot of opposition to you appearing in a swimsuit.” Sooyoung replied, “I was planning not to wear it if it were revealing, but it felt very casual.” YoonA added, “We also had some members who just wore jeans or shorts.”

Hyoyeon said, “I think people are just wowed because we have never worn swimsuits before. But it felt like it was 45 degrees (Celsius) when we were shooting the music video, and it would have looked weird if we didn’t wear swimsuits.”

Reowook also asked about their upcoming album, and Seohyun said that it is coming soon. Hyoyeon said, “We showed a teaser already, but the rest of the songs will come out after we are finished with showcasing ‘Party.‘ We haven’t decided on the exact dates yet.”

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