SISTAR’s Bora Confirmed to Join Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon in New Web Drama

It has been reported that SISTAR member Bora will be returning to acting through an upcoming web drama.

According to Starship Entertainment on July 14, Bora recently confirmed her casting in a web drama titled “The Greatest One-Sided Love No One Has Ever Seen Before” (tentative English title).

This coming July 15, Bora will be taking part in the very first script reading and is expected to join the cast and crew on set for filming around the end of this month.

Bora is set to take on the role of an accident-prone top star who acts as the bridge between the male and female leads.

This Korean-Chinese co-production is a romantic comedy drama that follows the love story between a ‘perfect man’ who has everything and an ‘innocent woman’ from the countryside of Mt. Jiri.

Actor Jung Il Woo has already been confirmed for the male lead role, Choi Se Hun, while actress Jin Se Yeon will be taking on the female lead role, Yoo Yi Ryung.

Meanwhile, “The Greatest One-Sided Love No One Has Ever Seen Before” is scheduled to premiere in September in both Korea and China.

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