Son Ho Joon Reveals Travel Plans With TVXQ’s Yunho Once He Returns From Military Service

Actor Son Ho Joon revealed his travel plans with his best friend TVXQ’s Yunho.

In a recent interview with News 1 Sports for the movie “Three Summer Nights,” he says, “I’ve always had plans of traveling with friends.”

He mentions one of his close friends Yoo Yeon Seok, saying, “After Laos, Yeon Seok and I are still trying to match up our schedules. We’d like to go together, but when I’m not busy, he has no time because of work. And once he finishes, I start something new.”

He also talks about his plans with his best friend Yunho, mentioning, “Since a long time ago, Yunho and I have talked about something as if it’s a dream. We said, ‘Let’s definitely go to Las Vegas.’ Yunho has been ready since he said those words. He was waiting for me all this time,” expressing his thanks. He then says, “But now Yunho’s going to the military. Since he has waited for me for so long, I can wait two years.”

When asked why he chose Las Vegas, Son Ho Joon said, “We saw it in movies a lot and we thought it was a very extravagant city. Much like when you’re a kid, you think, ‘I’m going to become president,’ it was just our faraway dream.”

Meanwhile, “Three Summer Nights” is about three friends who leave for Haeundae for a break, but once they wake up, they are chased by gangsters, police, and their girlfriends over three nights. It opened in theaters on July 15.

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