Tasty Refutes Woollim Ent.’s Claim that the Duo’s Decision to Halt Activities in Korea Was Unilateral

Earlier, the Chinese duo Tasty (Daeryong and Soryong), who debuted in the K-pop scene under Woollim Entertainment, had announced that they will not be continuing their activities in Korea through a statement on their official Weibo. 

Tasty had written: “We’re announcing that after eight years, our time in Korea is coming to an end. There were many things that we could not negotiate with our company, and after much consideration we have come to this decision.”

To this, Woollim Entertainment responded that it has been working hard to support Tasty, recently recording a new song “with the goal of Tasty staging a simultaneous Korean and Chinese comeback in June,” but that “Daeryong and Soryong had suddenly left for China without notice” and is currently unreachable.

Tasty refuted Woollim’s claims about an hour ago through their Twitter, in Korean, that they didn’t just disappear without notice. The duo wrote: “?? One-sided disappearance? What about the time we talked with the directors and the CEO? We told you thoroughly about the things we couldn’t understand and you told us that the company understands. To say now that we suddenly disappeared and it is unilateral…We don’t understand.”

Tasty continued: “Recording a new song? Who is the one who unilaterally selected a song without listening to our opinions and then said they could keep pushing back the comeback date if we didn’t accept the title song? We’re the type that don’t like to explain every single thing, but the time has come when we have to.”

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