Lee Kwang Soo Shares His Thoughts on the Nickname “Asia’s Prince”

Actor and fixed “Running Man” cast member Lee Kwang Soo recently revealed his thoughts on being given the nickname “Asia’s Prince” from fans.

On July 16, Lee Kwang Soo humbly shared, “I’m undeserving [of that nickname],” when asked about having the title of “Asia’s Prince.”

The actor continued to express, “I think people are able to see me in a friendly way, just like a friend or younger brother, and also like me only because people overseas love and support the program ‘Running Man’ so much.”

He added, “I am taking part in filming every week with a thankful heart toward the ‘Running Man’ cast and staff members. I will continue to work hard with a thankful heart in the future in order to not fall short of everyone’s expectations.”

Do you think Lee Kwang Soo is the perfect fit for the title of “Asia’s Prince”?

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