Lee Jung Hee Granted Divorce and Custody of Two Sons by Court

Lee Jung Hee (identified in most news reports only as Ms. Lee), the woman who has accused her husband (identified as Mr. Heo) of sexual abusing her and her two sons, has been granted a divorce and custody of her children.

According to various news reports, the Busan Family Court dismissed the appeal by Mr. Heo of the initial divorce judgement between himself and Ms. Lee. Resulting from this dismissal, Ms. Lee now has custody of their two sons.

Lee Jung Hee is said to cried as she stepped out of court, saying, “I was able to protect my two sons.” In an interview with a local news agency News1, the youngest son is said to have said, “I don’t want to have nightmares anymore” and “I am very happy that I get to live with my mom, not my dad.” He continued, “I haven’t been able to go to school for a year because I was afraid that my dad would come to the school and kidnap me, but I think now I will be able to go to school.”

Currently, Mr. Heo has been accused by Ms. Lee of 17 counts of sexual abuse and drug-related crimes.

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