“Show Me the Money 4” Producers Battle it Out for First Place

This week’s episode of “Show Me the Money 4” was full of suspense as the producers battled it out against each other, rather than the contestants. The remaining contestants where able to watch all of the producers perform and at the end, they were able vote for the team that they wanted to be a part of. Needless to say, the producers were in a heated battle against each other to win the hearts of the contestants.

After the performances, the contestants then voted for the producer that they wanted to be a team with. Zico and Paloalto crushed the competition by receiving 18 out of 24 votes. Because Zico and Paloalto were in first place, they were awarded the privilege of choosing their own teammates.

Jay Park Loco Jinusean Tablo Zico Paloalto

However, things didn’t go the way the duo planned because all the contestants that they decided to recruit declined their offer. Hanhae, Lilboy, and Super B all rejected Zico and Paloalto’s offers to join their team. After careful consideration, the chose WINNER’s Mino, One, And Up, and Zimaez.

Do you think Zico and Paloalto deserved to win? Or do you think a different team should have won first place instead?

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