Ricky Kim’s Son Tae Oh Differentiates Between Shoo’s Twin Daughters on “Oh! My Baby”

On the July 18 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Oh! My Baby,” Shoo and her twin daughters took a trip to Ricky Kim’s countryside home to visit their family.

During the episode, Ricky Kim’s son, Tae Oh (Asher), showed interest in one of Shoo’s twins.

After Shoo and her children arrived at their home in the countryside, the two families sat down to help the kids become more familiar with one another.

When asked if the Ra-twins, Ra Hee and Ra Yool, are pretty, Tae Oh pointed at Ra Hee and said, “She’s pretty.” However, when asked again about Ra Yool, Tae Oh didn’t show much reaction; instead, he emphasized that Ra Hee is pretty once again.

Amazed by Tae Oh’s ability to tell the twins apart, Ricky Kim and Shoo set out to test if he could really differentiate between the two girls. While one of the parents distracted Tae Oh, the other parent switched Ra Hee and Ra Yool’s spots.

Despite their attempts to trick Tae Oh, he proved to be able to differentiate between the two twins, as he directly pointed out Ra Hee, saying, “Ra Hee is pretty.”

Oh! My Baby

Can you tell the Ra-twins apart?

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