Kim Soo Mi Halts All Activities in the Entertainment Industry

Actress Kim Soo Mi will be putting an all-stop to her entertainment activities, including her planned appearances in movies and dramas. She revealed on July 17 that she will be seeing a psychiatrist due to the malicious comments that she recently read over the internet.

A source close to Kim Soo Mi said that she also resigned from “Looking Back At Me.” According to the source, although she has already filmed two weeks’ worth of materials, she will not be making any more appearances after that, hinting that her condition is very serious. The source also said, “Kim Soo Mi recently bought a smartphone, and she read the malicious comments on the internet for the first time, which gave her quite a shock.”

Jo Young Nam, who had recently had a public conflict with Kim Soo Mi during the “Looking Back At Me” press conference, said, “I wrote a letter telling her not to worry. I plan to send her the letter with flowers, through Lee Kyung Kyu.” He continued, “I feel terrible over what happened. I don’t know if I’m a good writer or not, so I just wrote frankly about what I wanted to say.”

Kim Soo Mi is said to be avoiding contact with anyone after declaring her resignation from “Looking Back At Me.”

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