Jun Ji Hyun Shows Complete Confidence Firing Guns in “Assassination,” Impresses Co-Stars

Actress Jun Ji Hyun showed confidence in action scenes with firearms.

The July 19 episode of “Let’s Go Video Travels” aired an interview with Jun Ji Hyun, who is making a comeback with the action movie “Assassination.

During the interview, she says, “In ‘Assassination,’ there are a lot of scenes where guns are fired. Most actors had these scenes with gunfire, and I did, as well.”

She added, “When I shoot, I never blink. Usually even the male actors blink on reflex because of the loud noise that comes with firing a gun, but I have never blinked. Even Director Choi Dong Hoon and the male actors were completely surprised.”

Meanwhile, “Assassination” is set in Shanghai and Kyungsung in the 1930s, depicting the assassins gathered to assassinate a pro-Japanese group. It opens in theaters on July 22.

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