Park Bo Young Dreams of Kissing Jo Jung Suk on “Oh My Ghost”

Park Bo Young had a moment of vivid imagination, sharing a kiss with Jo Jung Suk on “Oh My Ghost.”

On the July 18 episode of “Oh My Ghost,” Shin Soon Ae (played by Kim Seul Gi) possesses Nah Bong Sun (played by Park Bo Young). On this episode, Kang Sun Woo asks Nah Bong Sun if she really does want to be a chef, and teaches her how to cook from the very beginning, starting with how to use a knife properly. Afterwards, Nah Bong Sun lies in her bed and imagines kissing Kang Sun Woo.

“Oh My Ghost” is a romantic story between Nah Bong Sun, a cook’s assistant possessed by a ghost, and Kang Sun Woo, a famous chef.

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