Lee Kwang Soo Takes His Shirt Off For Baek Jin Hee on “Running Man”

On the recent episode of “Running Man,” which featured 2PM and actress Baek Jin Hee, Lee Kwang Soo came to Baek Jin Hee’s rescue with his shirt after a slight mishap.

During the first game, which is a combination of seesaw and pulling name tags, 2PM Chansung is after Baek Jin Hee’s name tag. Although Baek Jin Hee is sitting high up on a see saw, Chansung gets closer and closer.

baek jin hee running man

yoo jae suk running man

When he finally manages to grab the name tag, the back of Baek Jin Hee’s shirt rips right off with it. Chansung, who doesn’t realize the actress’s shirt has ripped, continues to grab the nametag. He soon realizes what has happened, however, at which point he huddles on the ground.

chansung running man 2pm

chansung running man 2pm 1

2PM Taecyeon also jokingly becomes a culprit of sorts, having asked Baek Jin Hee if she was wearing anything underneath her shirt before the game started. The “Running Man” members were surprised, asking, “Why are you asking something like that?” He innocently responded, “No, just in case her shirt rips.”

Lee Kwang Soo immediately takes his shirt off so Baek Jin Hee can use it to cover up. The cast jumps on the opportunity to poke fun at him, however, starting with the producer, who says, “Why’d you take your shirt off?”

lee kwang soo running man

Yoo Jae Suk says, “Nowadays he’s like this whenever a camera’s around.”

Watch the clip below:

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