This Is How a Fan Reacts When She Meets Yeo Jin Goo “Oppa”

On the July 19 episode of “Please Take Care of My Dad,” actor Yeo Jin Goo made a short appearance to surprise actor Jo Min Ki‘s daughter, Jo Yoon Kyung.

In this episode, Jo Min Ki wanted to reward his daughter for working out hard so he asked Yeo Jin Goo, whom Jo Yoon Kyung has confessed to be a huge fan of, to meet his daughter. Although Yeo Jin Goo is younger than Jo Yoon Kyung, the young lady calls Yeo Jin Goo “oppa,”  going by the fangirl adage- “All good-looking boys are oppa.” (quote from the drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”)

Just like any fan would, Jo Yoon Kyung wants to take a selfie with Yeo Jin Goo, but when he unexpectedly places his hand on her shoulder, she immediately drops her arm, embarrassed and her heart pounding in her ears. She says, “I might die here,” making Yeo Jin Goo and her dad laugh.

Yeo Jin Goo soompi 2 please take of my dad

Yeo Jin Goo soomp Please Take Care of My Dad

Jo Yoon Kyung finally gathers herself together to finish taking the picture with her, letting Yeo Jin Goo place his hand on her should again.

Watch the clip below: