Go Ah Sung Discusses Feeling Nervous About Acting With Im Si Wan

Go Ah Sung recently had a pictorial and interview with InStyle magazine. The photoshoot was carried out in a traditional house in Kyoto, where she posed freely. She notes, “My image in pictorials is closer to my real life personality compared to the characters I act as. I make an effort to try new things every time,”and wows the staff by trying new poses using the location and props.

Go Ah Sung2


In the following interview, she said, “My acting depends a lot on who I’m acting with. When I was filming the movie ‘Oppa’s Thought’ (working title), my partner Im Si Wan was great at acting, so I had to tell myself to be very nervous and prepared. In ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine,’ I felt that my acting changing depending on who I was acting with.” She finishes by adding, “I’ve always had a bit of a contrary nature. I always want to go beyond what people ask of me. For example, at the Cannes Film Festival, I dressed in see-through pants for the red carpet.”

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