BoA Discloses Shocking and Embarrassing Contents in Her Refrigerator

On the July 20 episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator“, BoA made a guest appearance, completely disclosing the contents of her fridge.

Jung Hyung Don, while going through the contents of her fridge, exclaims, “I found an archaeological artifact”. He finds some sesame powder which had an expiry date of September 2006.

BoA Refrigerator

Key of SHINEE, who is the other guest on this episode, is amazed since September 2006 was before his debut. BoA, completely embarrassed, tries to laugh it off.

It was revealed that BoA had actually cleaned out her fridge with her family before appearing on this show. Even then, there were many ingredients in her fridge that were way past their expiration date, astounding her family.

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