YoonA Discloses Girls’ Generation’s Current Favorite Alcohol

July 21 marked the airing of the first episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” in which the members of Girls’ Generation drew numbers to decide who will get the professional makeup and hair done first.

On this day, Taeyeon was the first to have professional makeup and hair done, followed by Tiffany and YoonA. YoonA looked very tired because of her busy schedule, and she whined saying, “My schedule ended too late last night.”

Then YoonA asked, “Are we going to have some meat for dinner tonight? Maybe we’ll drink alcohol.” She added, “The members really like makgeolli- chestnut makgeolli,”

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Editor crystalcove’s note: Chestnut makgeolli generally doesn’t really take like chestnut, but it does taste a bit richer, and in my personal opinion, better than regular makgeolli