Actress Jun Ji Hyun Is 10 Weeks Pregnant

Dispatch has given us a one-two punch! Almost immediately following the news of Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah‘s relationship, the news outlet has broken news of actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s pregnancy.

The news comes three years after Jun Ji Hyun’s marriage to Choi Joon Hyuk, and the actress is currently 10 weeks pregnant, due in the beginning of next year.

A source close to Jun Ji Hyun spoke to Dispatch, and said, “It was news [they’ve] been waiting for. [They] really wanted to have a child this year, and they’re really happy that things are going as planned.”

According to the report, Jun Ji Hyun kept the pregnancy news quiet due to movie promotions for “Assassination,” which premieres today, July 22. Another source stated, “The movie is business, and the pregnancy is personal. All the actors and staff worked very hard on the movie, and we were worried that the pregnancy news would steal the spotlight.” The source went on, and said, “She couldn’t become a liability to the movie because of the pregnancy, so she has attended all promotions as long as it was not an issue to her health.” So far, Jun Ji Hyun has carried out roughly 50 interviews with various media outlets, among other promotions.

Jun Ji Hyun’s agency stated, “It’s still the beginning of her pregnancy, so we are being very careful. For the time being, Jun Ji Hyun will be focusing on her health and the baby. We sincerely thank everyone for their interest.”

Along with the happy news, Jun Ji Hyun’s latest film, “Assassination,” also starring Ha Jung Woo, Lee Jung Jae, Jo Jin Woong, and Oh Dal Soo, premieres in Korean theaters today.

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