Hong Suk Chun Reveals His Gift of Recognizing Star Potential in Guys Such as Kim Woo Bin

On the past July 22 episode of “Radio Star,” Hong Suk Chun, Lee Guk Joo, AOA‘s Jimin, and Joo Hyun appeared as guests.

radio star

On the show, Hong Suk Chun introduces himself, saying, “A cartoon-like character with a cartoon-like life, hello I’m Hong Suk Chun.”

Throughout the broadcast, he reveals fun moments from his life and makes the audience laugh with his stories.

Hong Suk Chun especially catches attention when he claims that he can foresee star potential in male celebrities. He says, “I know my guys; I know them exactly. I know whether or not a guy will land a lead role or win first place.”

He explains that he is able to recognize star potential in guys the moment he sees them. However, he says, “I can’t guess well for girls though. When I saw Kim Tae Hee, I was like, ‘Could she succeed?’ When I saw Kim Woo Bin, on the other hand, I knew that he was going to be a hallyu star.”

Hmm, who do you think will be next on Hong Suk Chun’s star potential radar?

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