JYJ’s Jaejoong Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance on Army Reality Show

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been out of the public eye since March 31, when he enlisted in the army for his two years of military service. However, fans can now catch a glimpse of the top star in the latest episode of the reality show “Mom Goes to the Army” (working title)!

The July 21 episode of the show features a mother whose son happens to be in same army division as Jaejoong, as well as Monday Kiz‘s Lee Jin Sung. While the guys are eating, the show does a close up on Jaejoong’s face, and Jaejoong also compliments the mom on her cooking. Since he’s a member of the military band, you can also see him clapping during one scene while holding a pair of drumsticks.

You can watch a compilation of clips of Jaejoong and Lee Jin Sung’s cameos in the video below!

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