AOA’s Jimin Denies Any Bad Blood With Fellow “Unpretty Rapstar” Jessi on “Radio Star”

On July 22’s episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star,” AOA‘s Jimin addresses rumors that she’s on bad terms with rapper Jessi, who she previously appeared with on the first season of the show “Unpretty Rapstar.”

She explains that some people think she’s not friends with Jessi because of one particular incident. She says that in one round on the show, Jessi’s team had been awarded first place and Jimin’s had been given second place, but Jessi had argued that Jimin’s team didn’t deserve second. Jimin got upset when Jessi and San E then kept talking about her and her team in English, so she left the studio. But she explains, “We’re on good terms now,” she says. “We’re always contacting each other to see how the other is doing.”

The hosts get Jimin to film a video message to Jessi. She says to the camera with a big awkward smile, “Jessi, I miss you. I’m wondering if you’re doing okay… Bye!” The hosts all laugh at this and insist that they must not really be on good terms, which Jimin continues to deny while laughing at her own awkwardness.


Jessi has previously also denied the rumors that the two don’t like each other on the tvN show “Taxi,” and added that Jimin is always cheering her on.

On this episode of “Radio Star,” Jimin also shows off her rapping skills by firing off a rap that disses the hosts, as well as going up against fellow guest MONSTA X‘s Jooheon in a spontaneous diss battle.


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