Uee Picks Uhm Jung Hwa as Her Role Model

Actress and group After School‘s member Uee picked singer/actress Uhm Jung Hwa as her role model.

During an interview with fashion magazine Elle, the star revealed that her role model is Uhm Jung Hwa, who is also active in music and acting.

“I want to be like Uhm Jung Hwa in every way,” she said, “fashion goes without saying, and also lifestyle.”

Uee, who debuted when she was 22 years old, stated, “my shoulders are heavy with the burden of trying extra hard because I debuted late for an idol,” adding, “I don’t want to just challenge myself in music and acting, but in other areas that are not open to me yet. I want to show everyone that I’m enjoying and thankful for every moment of my life.”

Uee is currently starring in SBS drama “High Society.”

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