Seo Kang Joon Talks Actors He Admires and Struggles in Acting With Singles Magazine

The August issue of Singles will feature pictorials with the actor Seo Kang Joon. The interview was conducted at a small run-down bar in Cheonggyecheon.

He is currently in the drama “Hwajung,” where he plays Hong Joo Won, who is in charge of the artillery in the Chosun army, and who falls in love with Princess Jungmyung.

He says, “I don’t really care if my body is tired. But the stress is unbearable. I want to do much better than what my experience allows me to do, and if I can’t express something as well as I want to, I feel agonized. But when I am not sure how to voice or express something, the sunbaes on the scene are able to advise me.”

Seo Kang Joon is the type of person who needs to struggle with all his might until he feels satisfied, so he needs to control himself while filming “Hwajung.” He said, “Of course it hurts when I despair and fall because of my work. But I don’t plan on avoiding it. I think that whatever I experience now will help me greatly down the road.”

He looks forward to his future. He says, “I really admire Yoo Ah In or Ha Jung Woo, but I don’t want to just copy their style. I hope that I will have my own style as I mature.”

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