Fans of “Superman Returns” Kept on Edge With Song Il Gook’s Drama Decision Still Up in the Air

Earlier today, local news media Sports Donga reported that actor Song Il Gook was confirmed to star in the drama that he has been attached to for some time now, KBS’ upcoming historical drama “Jang Young Sil” (working title).

The real question has been not whether Song Il Gook will take up this drama, but what taking it up will mean for the popular variety show “Superman Returns.” Will he be able to keep appearing on the show with his beloved triplets or will he have to drop out due to scheduling conflicts? The Sports Donga article said Song Il Gook will be able to do both, as both the drama department and variety department of KBS will try to accommodate Song Il Gook’s schedule as much as possible.

However, the latest reports say that Song Il Gook and KBS have stated that they are still in discussion about the drama. This could be seen as bad news, since it could mean that Song Il Gook may still drop out of “Superman Returns.”

Whether Song Il Gook drops out of “Superman Returns” now because of the drama or later on because of something else, one thing is for sure. The wails of fans of the Song triplets will be heard around the world.

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