AOA Jimin Explains How Her Parents Conned Her Into Living in China

AOA Jimin appeared on the latest episode of MBCRadio Star” with fellow rapper Jooheon from MONSTA X as well as Lee Gook Joo and Hong Suk Chun.

On the show, which aired on July 22, Jimin explains how her parents conned her into living in China for two years. “When I was in middle school,” says Jimin, “summer vacation rolled around and my parents told me to visit China.”

She says that she had no idea it wasn’t just a vacation: “I went, but it turned out to be a study abroad. One by one my things were shipped to me from home. At first I raged and cried a lot, and called home and fought with my parents over the phone. After a while, though, it got better.”

This is likely the same incident as what Jimin described as “exile” in an episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams.”

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