Lee Jung Hee Booked on Allegations of Child Abuse

In an unexpected turn of events, Lee Jung Hee has been booked by the police under suspicion of child abuse.

Lee Jung Hee (44 years old), who accused her husband of subjecting her and their two sons to years of sexual slavery, was booked, announced by the police on July 23*, for the alleged abuse of her two sons. She is accused of brainwashing her two sons (17 and 13 years old) between September of last year till recently into testifying that they were sexually abused. She is also accused of harming their mental health. Additionally, Lee Jung Hee is accused of keeping them out of school after her two sons returned to Korea last year (in June and October 2014, respectively).

On the same day, the police submitted an application for an arrest warrant for Lee Jung Hee, but the prosecution office rejected it, saying additional investigation was needed.

However, Lee Jung Hee has been ordered to keep at least 100 meters away from the hospital her two sons are currently at.

Previously, it was reported that Lee Jung Hee had been granted a divorce from her husband, as well as custody of their two sons. There were rumors for a while that Lee Jung Hee and her sons had been kidnapped after leaving the court, but the police clarified that the mother and sons were at a hospital in Gyeonggi province, after agreeing to receive psychiatric evaluations.

Meanwhile, the SBS program “We Want to Know released a preview yesterday of their upcoming episode that will delve into the case of Lee Jung Hee.

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*The previous version of this article mistakenly stated June 23.