Shin Dong Yup Unleashes Mad Rapping Skills on “Witch Hunt”

National MC Shin Dong Yup unleashes his hidden rapping skills onthe upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt.”

During the recording, AOA’s Jimin and rappers DinDin and Kisum appear and heat up the studio with fantastic raps.

The MCs also try their hand at rapping, and they earn disapproval from the rappers until finally they get to Shin Dong Yup. The song that he raps is an old Korean song by Seo Young Chun called “Cider Song.” It’s meant to be a nonsensical chant, but it becomes the ancestor of Korean rap as Shin Dong Yup goes all out with his rapping.

DinDin expresses his surprise, saying, “The rhyme fits perfect. A perfect freestyle rap.” Sung Si Kyung, a fellow MC and a judge for the seventh season of “Superstar K,” says, “You pass,” complimenting Shin Dong Yup’s rapping.

Shin Dong Yup’s surprising rap will be revealed on the 102th episode of “Witch Hunt” on July 24, but you can check out the preview below!

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