Eric Nam Shares About Skinny Jeans Making Him Throw Up

Naver V App unveiled its additional artist lineup as Eric Nam and VIXX. Eric Nam’s first appearance will be on August 5, and VIXX will appear some time in August.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam’s past comments are gathering attention. In his appearance in “Butterfly Effect,” he said, “I wore skinny jeans once, but I couldn’t breathe. I had to leave the stage to throw up. I couldn’t breathe, and my blood wasn’t circulating.”

Lee Hyun Yi explained, “If you can’t breathe and blood not circulating, then you chose the wrong size.” Sayuri added, “If you wear skinny jeans often, blood won’t circulate there, so you might not be a man anymore. If men keep wearing skinny jeans, they’ll be extinct soon,” making everyone laugh.

On the other hand, Kim Tae Won said, “Men tend to gain more weight as they age. If men wear skinny jeans, then they try to fit themselves in the clothes,” drawing out the men in the studio to agree with him.

On another note, Eric Nam most recently participated in contributing to the OST for “Some Guys, Some Girls.” Listen to his duet with Park Bo Ram below:

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