“Late Night Restaurant” Teases Nam Ji Hyun and Oh Ji Ho’s Wedding Photos

The producers of SBS’s “Late Night Restaurant” revealed a teaser image of a wedding photo of Oh Ji Ho and Nam Ji Hyun, who will cameo on the seventh episode, titled “Samgyetang.”

Oh Ji Ho is wearing a black tuxedo, and Nam Ji Hyun is wearing a cute baby pink dress in the released teaser image. Oh Ji Ho seems to be putting a ring on Nam Ji Hyun’s finger, leading to further speculations about what their relationship is in the show, since they are supposed to be 21 years apart in age on the show.

The producers said, “We have been receiving a lot of attention since the teaser images were released. As we near midsummer, I hope that the audience will tune in to watch the two actors tell the story of their memories.”

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