Ra Yool Gifts Tae Oh With Sweet Potato After He Saves Her With Magic on “Oh! My Baby”

On July 25’s episode of SBS‘ “Oh! My Baby,” Shoo and her twin daughters continue their fun vacation at Ricky Kim‘s home in the countryside.

The twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool seem totally adapted to country living now, but some things are still a bit unfamiliar. While Ra Yool is sitting out on the front porch, she notices a bug. She yells for her mom, but Ricky Kim’s son Tae Oh (Asher) goes to help her, removing his rubber boots so he can climb up onto the porch and investigate the situation.

“Get it!” pleads Ra Yool to Tae Oh.


In the world’s most adorable bug extermination tactic, Tae Oh waves his arms around and yells “Abracadabra!” at the bug.


He then quickly runs away, and Ra Yool is left staring at the place where he disappeared.


After that, the kids gather around a table to eat some potatoes and sweet potatoes that they dug up from the garden earlier. Ra Yool then reaches into the bowl to grab a sweet potato and holds it out to Tae Oh! Could this be an expression of thanks for coming to her rescue earlier?

You can see more of their cute country adventures in this week’s episode of “Oh! My Baby.”

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