Lee Jin Wook Keeps Ha Ji Won Laughing in Making Video for “The Time We Were Not in Love”

It’s so cute, we had to share.

In the behind the scenes video released by SBS recently for its weekend drama, “The Time We Were Not in Love,” Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won are adorably cute as they practice and film a kiss-punch sequence.

Source: YouTube/DramaSBS

Source: YouTube/DramaSBS

In the scene, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) kisses Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), who punches him back for the surprise kiss. Choi Won is hurt and Lee Jin Wook give the scene a comic flair that just keeps Ha Ji Won laughing and laughing. Initially, she was just going to slap him but during rehearsal, they try punching, and Lee Jin Wook does a hilarious job with his head snapping back.

When the couple keep practicing different things they can do to portray the bickering relationship between Choi Won and Oh Ha Na, the director comments, “They’re driving me crazy!”

Ha Ji Won is well known for her sometimes uncontrollable laughter and it’s really funny to see Lee Jin Wook keep cracking her up with his acting, as well as their own partnership behind the scenes. Watch the clip below!